Lestat de Lioncourt es bien conocido por ser un cantante de rock en los 90's, un noble francés, un actor... Ha sido interpretado por Tom Cruise y Stuart Townsend.

Es el protagonista de la Saga. Lestat de Lioncourt nació en 1760 en Auvergne, Francia. Séptimo hijo de una familia aristocrática. Se escapa junto a su amigo Nicolas a París donde ejerce de actor hasta que un vampiro llamado Magnus se fija en él y lo rapta para convertirlo.

Solo y sin saber en lo que se había convertido, Lestat sobrevive convirtiéndose en uno de los vampiros más poderosos que existen.


Tiene una hermosa melena rubia que le llega hasta los hombros. Unos labios exquisitamente perfilados y unos ojos de color azul con tendencias al violeta.


Lestat is every bit an aristocratic vampire who is the best vampire in the world, having lived and performed as an actor in 18th century Paris, he epitomises everything about the aristocracy of that era. A bold, enthusiastic and defiant being, who delights in his own arrogance and conceited attitude, Lestat carries himself with the aura of richness and entitlement that comes only from a privileged upbringing, and which gained him the affectionate title ‘the Brat Prince’ by his vampire superiors, a title he takes great pleasure in. Egotistic, Lestat is greatly concerned with fashion, taking the time to pause mid-narrative merely to remind the reader what he is wearing, and as a singer and musician who plays both the piano and violin more than reasonably well, he relishes the attention that comes from performing on stage to a crowd, which began in his mortal life as an actor and continued into his formation of a rock band called The Vampire Lestat which he formed with a group of humans in the 1980s. However underneath this façade, he is a tortured soul scarred by the turmoil and betrayal of his past.

Having been illiterate as a human, after becoming a vampire Lestat learned how to read first in French and then in English, developing a great love of literature that made him quite the academic and a fondness for colloquialisms, he chooses to write his novels in English and notes that despite his French accent he speaks English ‘like a cross between a boatman and Sam Spade’. As an academic, Lestat became a creature of great philosophical thinking, proposing the deep questions of ‘are my actions good or bad?’, ‘what makes a person happy?’, ‘Is there a God?’ and ‘Am I in His plan?’.

It could be argued that Lestat is far from being a monster, being painted first in Interview With The Vampire as somewhat of an anti-hero, quick to defend his behaviour in The Vampire Lestat when he repeatedly attempts to convince people that he is hardly the monster previous narrators have portrayed him to be, and in much of the book and its sequel Queen of the Damned, he is presented as a fun-loving hero who even gallantly leads the charge against the vampire queen Akasha. Lestat is a creature capable of love, being first portrayed in the series as a bisexual who is attracted to whoever interests him. He spent most of his early experiences with male lovers and spending his time in the company of men, because as he admits men in the past centuries were more interesting than women and secondly he is frightened of women, finding them extremely distracting. Over time Lestat developed a greater love for humanity than ever before despite his savage relationship with mankind, and so viewed his life as ‘the Savage Garden,’ filled with beauty and death.

Lestat is capable of showing concern for the welfare of others, exhibiting a strong altruistic nature at several stages in the series, for instance, upon being made a vampire, he sent large gifts to his family and friends, purchased the theatre where he once worked and settled the debts of his old manager, Renaud. Later, following the murder of his brothers and family in the French Revolution, Lestat stepped forward to care for his ailing father, the only surviving member of his family, despite their hate filled relationship. Lestat also displays a moral inclination, frequently hunting evildoers instead of feeding from innocent victims, although he does not always abide by this rule.

Lestat is known for his love of music and Akasha, the queen of all the vampires, who later died. She and her first husband nearly drank the Earth dry, until her husband lost his thirst for blood. They became living statues, until Lestat found them. He then drank Akasha's blood, fainted, then woke up on his bed. He became much stronger because of her blood.


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